What a pleasant surprise ūüôā

Last night, the first four books in my series about ¬†Forgestriker ¬†—the-hit-series.html sold, that has not happened since June of last year. Most months I am fortunate to sell five e-books all month, with these sales in the Forgestriker series ¬†, not only have I passed most month’s sales, but they bring me closer to the target of 800 sales before my birthday next month.

I love Yorkshire



Some writers dream of living in the sun on a beautiful sunny beach at their feet to watch the sun setting at the end of the day. True, I would love to visit Israel, but my dream house is the house on the left of this picture I took on my last visit to Scarborough in Yorkshire.

The house is the old armorer’s lodge from when the castle was a fortress, not a museum.
The venue is not on a sunny beach but on the NorthEast coast of England, with the North Sea winds lashing in from Fall to early Spring. This is a video  I took on my trip, the flapping sound you hear is my raincoat in the wind.

I went there to get over the loss of a close friend, the peace I found gave me time to write my award-winning e-book Chronicles of Mark Johnson.
As much as I would love to visit hotter climates, I could never live there; I suffer from severe migraines, and the heat would make my life a misery. Also, the dryness would make breathing very hard for me to breathe.


Did the organ play?


In times of hardship and distress, similar to those he was going through, the writer had always found some peace in the clamour of life by visiting churches.

This day was no different, his life was filled with the torment of debts he couldn’t pay and worries about his health¬†¬†.

The history of churches had been an interest of his since his teens, at one time he did think he should have become a priest as he can empathise with people because he’s been through a lot.
His friends and family had grown more worried since the move. Everyone thought he was coping well with the changes in his life, what they didn’t realise is that this only showed what a good actor he had become over the years; in reality, he was not coping well.

As he walked up the path to the church, he saw the doors were closed, and there was no sound.
He quietly walked around the side of the church examining the graves and weeping for the loss of young lives.
When he turned the corner at the opposite end of the church to the clock tower, he swore he heard the organ playing.
This was the middle of the day and the middle of the week – it could have been someone practising for a service – but why did he only hear a few notes and only at that end of the building?

Dream guides


I have decided this will be my last post on here. After this, I will be virtually offline, other than to some friends, This is the fourth time I used¬†WordPress, and I have yet to get more readers than posts per day, it isn’t worth my time writing if nobody reads what I write.

When I started writing ten years ago, I had dreams of making a little money from my stories, but¬† I don’t dream these days ¬†

Dream catchers only work if you have dreams and all mine have turned to ashes. I have been forced to give up the last luxury item I had to keep me going

Life is going to be a struggle from here on, especially as I will soon be in a wheelchair with Muscular Dystrophy


Better luck this time?


Five years ago, my #e-book, Chronicles of Mark Johnson, was awarded a certificate of good writing. In honor of this award,  I am re-issuing my #award-winning e-book on  Amazon and   Draft2Digital.

Al finalcoverimage12


Could I write a novel?

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In short, the answer is yes.

At one time, the thought of writing¬†40,000 words was daunting, but these days if I can get into a story I see no reason why I could not pass 50,000 words. I stopped¬†A Sailor’s Love¬†¬†at 35,000 words, not because the story ended but because after writing and living the story for 14 months, I decided I would not see enough reward for my time.

I was right, after over two years on sale, not a copy has been sold, despite friends of a friend saying they would buy copies to help her promote her cd’s.

Did it matter in the end?

Al finalcover

This is the cover of a book that no longer exists, it was once an award winning book but that didn’t make any difference in the sales department, after five years of no sales it vanished into the dust.

The difference to the life of a writer in becoming an award-winner was in my case less than nothing. I am not sure if I had followed trends that I would have sold more books, writing is so hard to succeed at. The only consolation for me is that I can say what I did I did My way

I thought I’d like to be known for ghost stories when I started ten years ago, in the end, I became known for a best-selling sci-fi series¬†Forgestriker¬†. In the long run, did it matter how I made my name as a writer?