My legacy from the RAF


As Remembrance Day nears, people are reminded to think of those who never came back from the wars, there were so many who never came back from WW1 they were called the Lost Generation

You don’t need to be killed or severely wounded to have the need of charity from the forces. I was injured during my time in the Royal Air Force, although my injury is not severe, I carry my own reminder of my time in the services


My injury is only a torn tendon but it has left me disabled, and I am now relying on charity to remain independent to some degree

What a day!

As birthdays go, I won’t forget yesterday in a hurry, I was ill for most of the day. The only good thing about the day is my best furry friend, Max is still alive.


The Red Sun is not a portent of doom



Wally glanced out at the weather and said, “Aye, lad, tis a fair bit windy out on the sea today. Do you reckon this hurricane hitting Ireland has anything to do with the winds, Mick?”

Mick gave a chuckle and replied, “Don’t be such a barmpot, man. This is a small island in the Northern Hemisphere, of course, we’ll get high winds. The trouble these days is there are too many people with too much information and too short memories. I remember winters like this every year in the North. Once people start to realise our situation, they will see this is normal weather for this time of year. True, it is windy on a night, but during the day it’s not too bad; I recall much worse weather and nobody said a thing about it. They were the days when what mattered was what we knew, not what we read online. I’d be more concerned if we didn’t have the winds, Wally. Back in the day, we had clear seasons, now you can’t tell one from t’other as it’s raining most of the time.”

Wally pulled the curtains back from his bedroom window to view the road, “Didn’t take them Jehova’s long to come out spreading the words of doom.”
“Happen as one day they’ll be right, and that’ll be the day I win the lottery and we see an English team managed by an Englishman playing for England; don’t hold your breath, lad. You’ll get all sorts of people giving you all varieties of Biblical reasons for the sun being red. We know it’s happened before, and it will happen again, only this time with people having cell phones and internet, something odd has become a portent of doom, not a mere scientific curiosity. I read somebody even suggested the last time this happened, the Ice Age ended. All I can say is last year, everyone was going on about the planets being in alignment being seen as a portent of the end of the world – well, here I am. It is science, you have numerous entities circling a central core, at some point, no matter what their orbits are they will get aligned.”

Wally smiled and said, “It is like 2012 again.”
Mick replied, “Aye, people are as daft as brushes at times. True, the world will end. We are an energy, and eventually, energy burns out, but not for a good while. I wonder what the next portent of doom will be?”

Either you have it, or you don’t; there is no middle ground.

$100 bill

Either you have money and can get a good education, and publish your books, or you don’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of being published. This is not the view of a bitter writer who despite being called a BestSeller never made the cut. This is the reality of the reality of the publishing world.

I said at the start, nine years ago, and I say again, “It doesn’t matter what degree you have; people will think you know what you’re writing about. I have seen work from writers with degrees that would make a fifth-grade teacher cringe, yet they sell books because they can put BA after their names. I was asked to edit a text once, the opening page had so many mistakes I had a migraine after half an hour. I had to rewrite the story there were so many mistakes, and this was after it came back from Xlibris.

To those who don’t know, Xlibris is the most significant scam in the publishing industry. All companies make errors, but these people made so many they had over 40 pages of complaints on one site I was reading.

If you have money, you can keep sending to publishers and editors. You can go on tours to promote your work; I got invited to go to the USA once, but I had to put up $£1500 before the project got to the starting grid. As an Indie writer, I am continually weighing outlay against possible income, that is why my final act was buying a cover for my romance, I couldn’t afford the cover, but as a last gasp, I bought it.

Alan-72dpi-1500x2000 (1)

I know several writers, who people tell me are not as good as me, but they are in the USA and can afford publicity, here in the UK it stinks being a writer. No matter what people say I tried numerous magazines in various countries to no avail, because I was a nobody, most of the time my emails went unanswered.