It’s no fun being old.


I am now almost as old as my father when he died from cancer.

A fall such as the one I had yesterday wouldn’t usually have left me feeling poorly, but with my ankle turning and a heavy fall, I am still shaky and aching almost a day later.
The peril of getting older.

No romance sequel is planned.


If you are wondering about the sequel to my romance story, let me give you an update – it has been shelved indefinitely.
Despite my best efforts and at significant cost, the opening book in the series never took off, so there is no point in continuing the story of Kim and Adrianna.
This is the third large book I wrote, and the third consecutive failure, in my world that means it is over.

I never believed it would happen.

Head in Hands

My former editor used to say, “always write to the best of your ability even on your blogs, you never know if a publisher is reading them.”

That was one piece of advice I never believed when you consider the millions of people writing blogs what are the chances of a publisher reading one of mine? Less than a snowball’s chance in hell.

I’ve been blogging for over a decade and never got anywhere. Years ago, I had a German friend who said I was in the top six bloggers she knew, now I find it hard to write one blog a day.

When God has another plan.

I  wish I could believe things will get better, but I have been trying to convince myself of that for too long to believe.

All things being equal if my bills had been smaller, I could have gone to see TaRanda Greene in Bath tomorrow; as things are I can’t afford a CD with this lovely tune on.

If God has another plan I wish he’d let me know as right now I am so down, there is no light at the end of the tunnel.