Sex sells books


Until now I have refused to use sexual images like this to sell my books, and several years ago my code of morals cost me a writing contract. Since then, I have thought about my actions endlessly. Today, I decided to attempt to drop my moral code and try to write sex stories.

This post – is evidence that I am losing the ability to write a good story.

I think the time has come to drop all my morals and write what sells – if I can – the last time I tried, I became ill, as I am not keen on writing porn.

Old world cookery

All at sea

One of my hidden talents is being a good cook, I often use wild fruits and vegetables in my cookery, like this post – shows, you can mix old world Mythology with modern cookery. I am not averse to growing herbs to cook with either, I love the smell of fresh herbs when I cook.

I hope in this age of the internet, people still have time for Fairy Tales?

I often use old world herbal remedied for illnesses rather than new world chemicals, after all, our grandparents never had mass produced and expensive drugs to aid their health.


Come and enjoy Indie world

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Under discussion will be most things to do with my work, life, and thoughts on how my writing is progressing. Please, feel free to ask what you wish to know, I am an open book, and will answer most questions.

Another channel to look in on is the one run by my friend, Sarita,  her channel is profoundly pro-Israeli/US, as I am.

One of the requests I have been asked to write is one that many of my online friends have asked over the years, and that is to recount my years in the Royal Air Force.  I am doing my best, but you need to know that period of my life was over 45 years ago.

Is there an answer?



Almost a century ago, Lord Percy Fawcett traveled along the Amazon river in search of a lost city. In the years passing his disappearance, there have been many theories put forward as to why disappeared, most of them I can say are reasonable deductions based on known patterns of behavior and social norms of the natives along the river.

I based my story Did we see him on one of the most popular theories of the time. If you take the time to read my story, why not follow this link and read the start of my sequel.