Early erotic stories


The first story I had published, at the age of 17, was in the men’s magazine, Knave. It was nothing spectacular, just a story of a boy and a girl making love in the last bus home. There was no real sexual element, as we know today. It was only a mild romance.

Jewish Independence


70 nations celebrate Israel’s 70th birthday sending their love to the Jewish state and share with the world why they stand united with Israel!

Yom Ha’atzmaut (Independence Day) began on Wednesday night, with the official ceremony kicking off the celebration taking place on Mount Herzl, in Jerusalem.

For people around the world, the State of Israel is a special place and its well-being is of utmost importance.

Nations from around the world are proud of Israel’s achievements over the last 70 years and support those who continue to build and defend Israel.

Watch as 70 nations show their love for the Jewish state on its 70th birthday!

We Believe in Miracles


We Believe in Miracles Project
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Here in Israel we are already preparing for the upcoming 70th anniversary celebrations in April 2018. That Israel has survived 70 years in this region is a miracle and only by the grace of God. “Who has heard such a thing? Who has seen such things? Shall a land be born in one day?” (Isaiah 66:8). Now, on the eve of Israel’s seventieth birthday, the government is planning a spectacular celebration next spring. In addition, Israel’s friends from all over the world have been invited. We, together with our tour group, will be celebrating Israel’s 70th Independence Day.

In honor of this occasion we will be preparing a jubilee edition, reaching as many people as possible. Presenting facts about Israel is not as easy as many think and often quite difficult, even in Christian circles. Many Christian organizations have rejected all cooperation with Israel Today in recent years? The reasoning for their attitude is that Israel Today is far too direct on issues regarding Israel and is too controversial for the Christian message. It does not have to be this way!

Where people close doors to us, God opens gates and this I believe. Together, we can increase the reach of Israel Today’s Jubilee edition in the spring and present Israel to a wide audience. It will cost us approx $1 (printing, postage and handling) to reach people with news from Israel about Israel. We need to fund this effort and we can only do it with the help of our friends.

We are dependent on you to help this anniversary project succeed! “Thus says the LORD: I have returned to Zion and will dwell in the midst of Jerusalem, and Jerusalem shall be called the faithful city, and the mountain of the LORD of hosts, the holy mountain.” (Zechariah 8:3)

God’s sincere blessings from Zion!
Aviel Schneider

Taking a time out


I have never been someone who could spend weeks sitting on a beach, or by a pool.
If I visit an area on vacation, I want to come back with more than memories of the bar, the pool, and beach. For medical reasons, I can never spend more than a few hours a day in the sun, so a holiday centered around a beach hotel is not for me.
I recently took a rare day out, during the few hours my legs permit me to walk, I visited Thomas Cook to pick up some pamphlets, in the hope I could get some inspiration for my next story (if there is one).
Unfortunately, all the vacations are based around hotels, and I had few images of places of interest in the area.
One hotel took my eye, it is built like Masada on a sloping rock face.
My three vacations abroad were to AustriaSwitzerland, and Lac La Biche, in   AlbertaCanada.
My final holiday – nine years ago – was to Scarborough, in the Fall of 2010. Not a place or time to sit on the beach all day.
I used my final holiday to write the award-winning book

Al finalcover

Even in my RAF days, I was never one for discos, bright lights, and loud music. I’d prefer a nice little bistro, listening to some gentle music.

The sex industry

I am not a prude, but I find sex films boring. The idea of the film based on how much sex you can put into 90 mins, to me, is a flimsy premise for a movie.

In a way, they are similar to the later James Bond movies, which became a case of how many gadgets can we use.

I did try to read a sex story many years ago, but like the films, I found it dull.
To some extent, the fact I never found Sylvia Kristel attractive turned me off the film; also Emmanuelle 2 was so incredibly over-hyped it was bound to fail. The hype was “More sexual, more sensational than Emmanuelle,” which from my point was right, as I found both films drab and a pain to watch.
The fact that the industry then went on to do several more films of this ilk is a sad testament to the movie industry of the late 1970’s.
My dislike to sex movies and books played a large part in me losing a writing contract eight years ago. I did try to write a sex story, but I got no further than page 1.


I did write an erotic romance some time ago. My story has some highly erotic moments, but they are part of the story, not the center of the plot.


More recently, ​I wrote a spiritual romance that has got some erotic moments.