Death of a Newshound


The story behind the cover of this e-book relates to a time five years ago, when I almost died in my sleep through a combination of sleepless nights and exhaustion.
However, as the year comes to its close, the title could also relate to the end of my decade as a writer.

What next?


The more I read about Christianity in the modern world, the dismayed I become about religion.
The latest debacle is a Cathedral in the UK has installed a giant slide to raise the subject of Christianity and talk about those who slide in the downward spiral.

What next, a shooting gallery to shoot down skeptics and those who criticize Christianity?

I am no Biblical scholar, but there is a passage in the scriptures where the Jesus turned the merchants out of the house of his father; I don’t think he’d approve of all the gimmickry the church use today.

Free stories to read.


On my webpage the reading room there are many short stories to read.

Many of these stories are over 20 pages long and unfinished, some are coming to the point of where I see this part of the story ending while others could go on for a long time if there were readers.

The darker side of Alan.

Spirit charmer

It is said by many people – I include myself in the group – it’s better to come second and know you did your best than to win by cheating, but is it?

By playing by the rules, I lost the opportunity for two contracts as a writer; I lost money as a ghostwriter because Asians kept undercutting my bids to the point they would pay to get the job.

I have been sinned against, and wondered do the sinners pay for their crimes?

I could have earned lots of money writing fake reviews, but I didn’t because I thought the work would harm my rep as a writer; now, I wouldn’t miss a heartbeat in accepting the jobs as I have no rep to lose. Ironically, one of the people who asked me was a San Diego lawyer.

After a decade struggling to make some headway to earn an honest rep as a writer, I decided it was pointless. Years ago, on a German site, I was on, I got praised for helping young writers get on, these days, I have two words for anyone thinking of writing – FORGET IT. Unless you have the money to get a degree (any will do) and to fund your promotion you have less chance of getting noticed than a snowflake in a whiteout.

This news may, or may not, surprise you, but I am considering writing some stories that are not Christian. The reason for the change is an article I read on a blog by Premier Christianity magazine last night that pointed out how much being a pastor makes. 

The article got me thinking that as I am an excellent writer, I should be able to earn more writing about the sexual pleasures of life than life as a Christian.  The article raised the question in my mind, how much could I earn if I wrote about the sins of the flesh rather than struggle to sell stories about the Christian life.

If the news concerns you, remember one thing above all else; I am a struggling writer.

I may start to preach about Satan.


I read an article last night on the Premier Christianity blog that showed how out of touch I am with religion.
A pastor in America gave his wife a Lamborghini for an anniversary gift, and there was I thinking the work is about the word of God.
I realize in this age, the vicar on the bicycle image is history, but Lamborghinis as a gift, who says working for the Lord is humbling?

The article did raise one question for me – if a man of Christ can make that much, how much can you earn preaching the Gospel of Satan?

Plans for next year.


I think the problem arises with for me with Premier Christianity magazine because I was expecting a more religious based magazine.
I appreciate the magazine is attempting to gain young readers, but to my way of thinking it is more like any teen gossip magazine with the focus and television and celebrities.

I am still not convinced that taking out a new subscription is a good plan for next year, but several months are remaining to make the decision; I hope the magazine can alter its focus a little by that time.