This month on Smashwords

Coming out this month on Smashwords will be a new venture in writing for me, a romance set in Israel. This romance is a change in genre for me, as I am known for my Science Fiction.


Why change what sells?

I wanted to be known as a writer


Is there an underlying reason for the change?

Yes, I have several Jewish friends/ associates who are either Jewish or live in Israel, and I thought it would be nice to do a story for that area. If it takes off, it may become a series.Alan-72dpi-1500x2000 (1)

Israeli news

Unknown to readers of this blog, I get the information for my posts on Israeli news by reading the online papers from Israel, not from the BBC or the media in the west which is biased against Israel.Alan-72dpi-1500x2000 (1)

This story is set in Israel, and I hope to make it into a series featuring events going on in the state as I write the stories.

As an indie writer, I have trouble getting the funds for good covers that is why I set up the GoFundMe scheme, this plan will hopefully allow me to help Daniela in her good work.

Book covers for Charity


Book covers for charity is a fund I set up to help book cover designers get more money for their work.

The secondary reason is to help Israel recover from the recent fires

Over the last few months, with reading the online papers from Israel, I am saddened by the misinformation sent out by the media bias in the West, more people should support Israel, after all, Palestine has no claim to anything; the area is officially known as Judea.

I can understand if you do not believe I send money to Israel, after all, as an independent writer I don’t make a lot selling my e-books but if you need proof of my belief in my cause, please feel to follow the blogs and If you feel this is a worthy cause, you can always donate to

Happy Hanukkah

To my Jewish reader – if there are any – I wish a Happy Hanukkah, even if my memories of this time of year are not all that pleasant. December has memories of hardship for my family, that is why I have no objections to writing and sending the money to help Israeli charities.


I post many blogs from various Israeli sites in the hope they’ll enlighten the outside that Israel only defends herself, she does NOT attack her enemies. But, with the UN being run by the Palestinians and their supporters it is a hard battle.

I do try to send more, but the amount is limited by my small funds from e-book sales on Books2Read, as I only have a disability allowance. It is still my wish to visit Israel.