The magic word.


Over the last two or three years, as my e-book sales have crashed; I found the best way to get readers for my blogs is to use the magic word. No, not please, or thank you, but FREE.

By adding free to the title, I’ll attract readers like ants to honey.

Another proof of this is that the only e-books that have “sold” on Draft2Digital in this period are the free ones I give out.

What is it about churches?

If you read my posts, you’ll know that I am not overly religious, or trying to push religion on you.

There is something about churches that fascinates me when I enter one I can sense a calm that I never feel anywhere else. Whether it is because of the building being a church or not I haven’t been able to realize as yet, perhaps it could be because I sense another presence in the building. One that is all powerful.

I have wondered if I should have been a Padre since my days in the RAF when I got sent on a course to Andover, Hampshire. People have often said that I would make a good counselor, as I can empathize with the problems of other people well.

I can say with certainty that I admire the men who built the church in the days before Health and Safety rules.

Is there anything after Forgestriker?

Forgestriker Pic 3

When I talk of my sucess in the world of Science Fiction, I am talking of the success of my series of seven books in the Forgestriker series, but the main success is the e-book Forgestriker. The book itse;f has sold over 400 e-books in four years.


I stand amazed.

After another rejection note, this time from Harlequin romance, I can’t help asking is there a point in me hoping that someone likes my book other than me?


Apparently,  my story is too non-confrontational for their taste.

I still have three stories out for review, but I’m not holding my breath for even the standard note of rejection for them.

It’s no fun being old.


I am now almost as old as my father when he died from cancer.

A fall such as the one I had yesterday wouldn’t usually have left me feeling poorly, but with my ankle turning and a heavy fall, I am still shaky and aching almost a day later.
The peril of getting older.