I try to believe in people

It is a glorious day in the Bristol area, even if my right tendon feels as though it is going to snap (more than ever).

I try to keep a positive mindset, but it is hard after some many years of people telling me they are going to buy a book, and then don’t.
Tomorrow could see me take the big step to being a published author.

I say could because things can go wrong at the last minute, I recall Jim Ryun at the Mexico Olympics, he crossed the line for the final lap leading the 10k race and collapsed, he had to be dragged the final lap and finished in sixth place.
There is also the story of the horse running in the Derby, he was leading the race by 10 lengths and collapsed and died within sight of the winning tapes.

I hope that one day my belief in people will return, but then I also hope that I will make my writing pay.

If the deal works out tomorrow, perhaps that will be the beginning of the end of my cynicism


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