The start of a new era for me?


Here is the beginning of a romance that I may need to update if the publisher requires me to write romances next month.

Anne Oliver sat at her desk, looking out from the office window she could view the skyscrapers in Medville. Being a best-selling historical fiction writer gave her some privileges in her career, but she knew you couldn’t buy happiness. Anne had her share of detractors and critics in her early years, and those knocks still bore the scars on her confidence.
Fortune had favored Anne, at the point of giving up writing, she entered one final writing contest out of desperation. The prize was a prestigious contract with a top publishing house, although she’d never written historical fiction before – she gained her reputation writing Gothic Romances – she decided with nothing to lose to have a go. Much to her surprise, although she didn’t win the contest, her entry so impressed the judges they offered her a contract.
Anne’s best friend is her agent, Paula Clark. Paula got offered the job of a publicist at a new firm in Medville and was on the lookout for new writers to impress her bosses. Being a fan of Anne’s writing, Paula asked Anne if she would like to be her client for the firm.
Not sure what to make of the newcomer to the scene, the bosses at MedHis Press were a little dubious about Paula’s choice of her friend as a client, but they decided to give Anne the chance to prove herself, and they never looked back, as her stature grew so did the firm. Now MedHis is one of the most famous publishers in Medville.
Anne has a deluxe apartment in one of the wealthiest areas of the city, filled with her awards and cases full of her books but her heart was not in the city. She had been brought up in Medville, but she longed for the days when her family visited their lodge in the mountains. Her career meant she had little time for such luxuries as time off, and being a writer, even if she took the occasional day off work she was still thinking of storylines. Often, Anne wondered what it would be like to be able to relax her mind and enjoy life.
From her office, Anne could see all the neon signs flashing their endless messages for merchandise, and the latest shows and films. The high life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be she thought, and I spend my days writing about the lives and loves of my reader’s heroes and heroines and rarely get the opportunity to enjoy the gains of my work. Perhaps, after the next release, I’ll take a week off to visit the lodge.
As if to remind her of her obligation to the reality of life, the phone on the desk rang, she picked the receiver up and replied, “Anne Oliver, how may I help you?”
The voice on the other end was the familiar voice of her friend, Paula, “Hi, Anne, how are you fixed for dinner tonight?”
Anne thought for a while and checked her diary. Paula usually kept track of Anne’s meetings, but sometimes Anne booked one, or two, without telling her friend. It was her way of having a little freedom, and Paula accepted the way Anne did things. Anne took a glance at her calendar, and then said, “I’m free tonight, Paula, what’s on your mind?”
Paula flicked through the book of addresses in front of her, and then replied, “I thought we could have a drink and a meal to discuss a new proposal that was put to me, to put to you.”
Anne glanced at the rooftops of the buildings in her view, lost in thought for a minute, and then replied, “Yeah, I’m okay with that idea. Shall we say 8:00 at the Freemont Parlour Lounge.”
Paula gently smiled, and replied, “8:00 it is.
Anne sighed, “I know, Paula, I thought, this time, I might be able to take some time off; I feel jaded, and I worry that my tiredness will affect my writing, and the sales will fall drastically. I don’t want to disappoint my readers.”
Paula giggled, and then said, “Anne, have you ever let the readers down?”
Anne thought for a moment, and the replied, “Not as far as I can recall, but there’s always a first time, Paula.”
Paula smoothed her skirt, and replied, “I can tell you, your books are selling better than ever, we have mass pre-orders for your next book, and only you know when it will be out. I know you like to keep things close to your chest, but a little warning would be nice. That way we can book some promotional tours to coincide with the launch before you say it – I know you don’t like signings, Anne. So, we’re okay for tonight, 8:00 at the Freemont, be there, or be square,” Paula quipped as she put the phone in her office down.
Anne looked at her watch and thought It’s 11:00, I could do with a coffee break, my back hurts, and the walk to the canteen will ease the pain. She put the phone down and walked across to the door to the outer office.
As she opened the door, her secretary, June Prince, handed her a file, and asked, “Are you going to be out for long, you have an 11:20 appointment with John Clark, Miss Oliver?”
Anne smiled and then replied, “No, Janet, I’m only going to get a coffee in the canteen. I’ll be back in ten minutes.”
Anne took the file from her secretary and walked to the elevator. Her office at MedHis was plush, but she had always been a simple girl at heart. Her heart was never entirely in the cold world of industry, and commerce. She longed for peace and the calm of her family’s lodge in the mountains. There was no doubt in her mind, signing the contract five years ago was the best choice she’d made, but she still thought Is this what I have become? Has money become so important that I’ve lost my personality?
She was still thinking about the problem when the doors opened, and in walked Del Lambert, head of Historical Fiction for MedHis. “Hey, Anne, how is the new book coming?” he asked as she looked at her folder.
Anne’s mind blanked for a moment, before she replied, “Hi, Del, I think the book is coming on well, but I am not sure of my plot.”
He smiled, as he pushed the button to the floor, he was going to, and then replied, “With your style, Anne, I’m sure you’ll be onto another winner. I don’t know how you writers think up your plots, but I’m glad you’re on our team.”
She leaned on the back of the carriage, and then commented, “Thinking up the plot is the easy part, the problem comes when I try to transfer my thoughts to words on a laptop. I am not doing well this week. I think I’ll take few days off after our staff meeting tomorrow, Del.”
The carriage slowed, and came to a stop, as the doors opened, Del remarked, “I can’t say I blame you, Anne. You’ve been working hard for a long time, and a rest will do you good.”
The elevator reached the canteen, and Anne got out. Behind her, the soft swish of the door and the flashing light indicated the elevator was continuing its never-ending routine, just like me, she thought. Anne walked to the canteen, her mind was half on her work, and a half of what Paula wanted to talk about at their meeting, She was sitting having her coffee when her cell phone beeped, She looked at the caller ID, and then replied, “What’s up, June? I won’t be long; I need a short break because I think I have a migraine coming on.”
June’s formal but relaxed voice replied, “Miss Oliver, Paula called to say if you have some time, can you see her?”
Anne turned the cup on the table, and pondered What is so important that it can’t wait until tonight? Then, she snapped back to the present, and replied to June’s question, “I have a canceled appointment, don’t I, June? I’ll see her then.”
Across the phone, Anne could hear June rifling through the diary for the day, then June replied, “Yes, Mr.Connor canceled the meeting at 4:30. I’ll call Paula, and tell her the time you’ll be over, see you soon, Miss Oliver.”
Anne sat sipping her coffee, and thinking about the message, What could Paula want to see me for so urgently? We’re meeting tonight; surely it could have waited a few hours. She returned to her office for the meeting with Mr. Clark; there was nothing spectacular to the meeting, it was their monthly sales report, as yet there hadn’t been a bad month, but Anne knew one would come sooner or later.
During work hours, Anne’s and Paula’s paths rarely crossed. They’d both come down to buy a baguette, but never at the same time, some days, Anne would work through her lunch and get a meal at her home.
The afternoon meetings passed without incident, and then came the time to see Paula, “I’m going to see Paula. I’ll go straight home afterward, so once you’ve finished the current job, you can close for the day, June.”
Although she was a fair boss, Anne was a hard driven person, and time off was rare, June smiled, and then replied, “Thank you, Miss Oliver. I’ll see you tomorrow.”
Anne left her office, on her way to Paula’s office three floors up, she called to say she was on her way. Paula’s reply was shocking, “Hi, Anne, what do you mean? I never phoned your office. If I’d wanted to talk to you, I could have waited a few hours, until our dinner date. As you’re on the way, you may as well come.”
The elevator doors opened, and a puzzled Paula greeted her friend, “I don’t know who called your office, but they did me a favor, Anne.”
Anne smiled, and then said, “Oh, why’s that?”
Paula took her friend by the arm and led her into the office after they’d gone in, she closed the door, and said, “I was going to call you. I’ve heard a rumor the firm is expanding and is need of an overseas buyer. Dave and Mel are thinking of asking us to meet a new client next month. This meeting could be an important contract deal, Anne.”
Anne walked over to the window that looked out on the snowy mountains of the region and thought I’d give anything to take a break now; I’m so tired, I can’t think straight. Then, she turned back to Paula, and said, “I suppose this meeting will involve a flight.”
Paula giggled, and then replied, “I know how you feel about flying, but you said you enjoyed the last flight you took, and that was a long flight.”
Anne paused in her thoughts as she thought of the trip, and then replied, “I’d have enjoyed it more if the man next to me hadn’t been watching that boring film. I could relax to read, and after not feeling well before the flight, it wasn’t a good start to the trip. Can’t we take the coach? I’d feel easier in my mind.”
Paula patted her friend on the shoulder, and commented, “A three-hour flight against a two-day coach trip, I don’t think that’s a question to ask, Anne. We’ll be up and over before you realize we’ve taken off, don’t worry about the flight.”


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