Who is my leading lady?

Aliyah cover

For fun, I sometimes think who I’d cast for roles in my stories.
As my latest book www.amazon.com/dp/B075BJH2D2 is set mainly in Israel, with one exception I’d choose a Jewish cast.

Usually, the first roles picked are the leading man, in my case that is yet to be chosen, and the leading lady – I chose Debra Messing from Will and Grace.

The first role I chose, is the mystery lady who comes to Kim in a dream, she is played by Hana Laszlo. I also have the editor Abir chosen.

The only non-Jewish part is the Danish reporter, Hannah, to be played by Benedikte Hansen.
As with all my stories, the ladies are mature and attractive. I chose mature ladies because I think they add class as well as beauty to a role.


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