Yet more surprises for me

Aliyah cover

My friends are always puzzled as to why I am constantly surprised at my successes in writing. They have told me for years that I am an excellent writer, and I still see myself as Kolchak.

One reason is that despite my amazing success in the Science Fiction genre—the-hit-series.html#.Wvf7X4gvzIU I am yet to make a mark in the general arena.

My latest surprise is that not only have I sold another copy of my mystery romance that is set in Israel among other countries; there are two publishers interested in the book.

One has said yes, and the other is still considering the possibility. I realize a maybe is not a yes, but it is far better than a no, or a generic letter of refusal or just being ignored.

The question is how do the publishers view the book? I wrote it as a mystery romance but found the interest of the publisher while searching for houses seeking Jewish fiction.

To continue to do romances is no biggie as I have several on file I can update, writing Jewish fiction would be a new challenge to my ability as a writer.


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