Taking a time out


I have never been someone who could spend weeks sitting on a beach, or by a pool.
If I visit an area on vacation, I want to come back with more than memories of the bar, the pool, and beach. For medical reasons, I can never spend more than a few hours a day in the sun, so a holiday centered around a beach hotel is not for me.
I recently took a rare day out, during the few hours my legs permit me to walk, I visited Thomas Cook to pick up some pamphlets, in the hope I could get some inspiration for my next story (if there is one).
Unfortunately, all the vacations are based around hotels, and I had few images of places of interest in the area.
One hotel took my eye, it is built like Masada on a sloping rock face.
My three vacations abroad were to AustriaSwitzerland, and Lac La Biche, in   AlbertaCanada.
My final holiday – nine years ago – was to Scarborough, in the Fall of 2010. Not a place or time to sit on the beach all day.
I used my final holiday to write the award-winning book    https://www.draft2digital.com/book/32117.

Al finalcover

Even in my RAF days, I was never one for discos, bright lights, and loud music. I’d prefer a nice little bistro, listening to some gentle music.


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