The sex industry

I am not a prude, but I find sex films boring. The idea of the film based on how much sex you can put into 90 mins, to me, is a flimsy premise for a movie.

In a way, they are similar to the later James Bond movies, which became a case of how many gadgets can we use.

I did try to read a sex story many years ago, but like the films, I found it dull.
To some extent, the fact I never found Sylvia Kristel attractive turned me off the film; also Emmanuelle 2 was so incredibly over-hyped it was bound to fail. The hype was “More sexual, more sensational than Emmanuelle,” which from my point was right, as I found both films drab and a pain to watch.
The fact that the industry then went on to do several more films of this ilk is a sad testament to the movie industry of the late 1970’s.
My dislike to sex movies and books played a large part in me losing a writing contract eight years ago. I did try to write a sex story, but I got no further than page 1.


I did write an erotic romance some time ago. My story has some highly erotic moments, but they are part of the story, not the center of the plot.


More recently, ​I wrote a spiritual romance that has got some erotic moments.




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