Where did Mark go?


Let me introduce Mark Johnson to you   https://hereiamattheedge.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/mark-chats-to-yezall.html#.WsCq3ojwbIV

Yezall is a lady I knew, and she is a writer of steampunk novels.

He was the hero of my award-winning book. He was a demon hunter who needed to fight his demons and the leading character in a series of over 20 short stories, so what happened to him?

I wrote this book which is a collection of eight short stories and followed it with a sequel of another eight which were written during a patch of harsh times for me. At times, my friends thought I was going to kill Mark off, but I turned a hero into a demon as he sought revenge on a lady who betrayed his love for her.

I finished the second book, an evil compilation if I ever wrote one, the stories were so scary they gave me bad dreams for weeks.

After completing the second set of stories, I started a third set which never got finished.

There were some unanswered questions when I stopped writing the stories, how far was he prepared to go to get his revenge and would he lose himself and his sanity seeking this revenge?

Why did I stop the series?

The book was sabotaged by another writer who didn’t like to admit the fact that I am better than she could ever be as a writer.

You can read the reviews of the first books here –




Will I complete book 3 and go to book 4?

No, the Mark Johnson stories are over as far as I am concerned.


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