A rarity from me

Holding Richmond

This book is the only example of Western Fiction that I have for sale, for the past five years it has been my bestseller on Amazo.com.

Several years ago when I was living with a lady friend in Canada, she recommended to me the book The Haunted Mesa by Loius L’Amour as we both love to read western fiction.

I have to say, I love his WF, but this was something or nothing, it started well, but after 50 pages you get the feeling the writer is at a loss as to where to go. The main character spends his time wandering around the village thinking he’s being followed, this goes on for over 80 pages with nothing happening.

While I admired his WF, this was not his forte, I am not sure if he wrote this thinking his rep for WF would save his rep as a writer, or if he wrote the story not caring what happened as he died shortly after finishing the story.

It is not known that my earliest stories were western fiction.


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