Is my Karma changing?

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This morning. I was thinking, as I often do about the people I helped who never even thanked me. I was thinking “So much for Karma, and you get back what you give.” With my help, other writers have got contracts for magazines and book series, but I got not even a thank you; it makes me sick to see their success of my work, and I struggle to sell a few e-books a month.

You may wonder why I think this when I have a Science Fiction series that has sold over 800 e-books in four years. That is the issue, my sales are over four years, and despite the success of—the-hit-series.html#.WnbwHahl_IU, I  earn less than $1 a week for writing most months., while they earn a lot more and are making a reputation.

After my year of hell, which has not ended, I would like to think that the sales of three books in the series last night is a turning point in my year. Although not a lot, these deals are almost as many as I have made for each of the previous five months.


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