Why does the UN ignore Africa?


If you read my posts, you are in no doubt where my support lies – Israel.
I make no apology for my posts, this one is neither political, religious, or Pro-Israeli; this post is a sociological post about the United Nations.
The UN/PLO/Hamas is founded on bashing Israel for some reason.
Here is a good example, Israel kills about 300 Palestinians a year in self-defense and the world hears all about it. Boko Harum in Africa murder thousands and nothing is said – why?
First, Africa is still considered to be a third world continent despite the growth of industry in the South.
There is no political/newsworthy story to blame Africa, unlike Israel.
There is no financial gain to support the fight in Africa, there were gains to support Palestine. With the US stopping funds to Palestine, the Palestinians are finding it hard to get funds for their endless wars of terrorism against Israel. The PA admit that the only thing to come out of Palestine is terrorists.
Before you get to the point of telling me that the PLO is not the same as the PA/Hamas remember you can alter the name, but the goal is the same.

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