The Fourth Reich

Russian border

With Brexit and the rise of Nationalism across Europe, many fear a resurgence of the Nazism of the 1930’s, but that will never come back.

The German population is NOT behind their leader as they were behind Hitler; even members of her party want Angela Merkel out after the mess she has made of Germany.
She has nobody writing her speeches as Hitler did.
The Russia of the 1930’s no longer exits, most of the former Soviet bloc countries have separated from Russia, and many have split into factions within what would have been the old boundaries.

Germany is in no position to start a war, in the 1930’s they were still angry over the Versailles Treaty that blamed them for World War 1 and was building warships secretly.  The Germany of today needed the UK in the EU; without the UK, Germany is heading to a recession the likes of which they have not witnessed since the days of the Wehrmacht in the inter-war period.

There is one constant that remains since those days, that is the tension on the border between Finland and Russia.
If  Germany were foolish enough to start a war again, they would not only suffer the same fate as their two previous attempts to rule Europe, this time the Federation would implode into a civil war.

How can you expect to win a war, when you are fighting your own people?


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