My legacy from the RAF


As Remembrance Day nears, people are reminded to think of those who never came back from the wars, there were so many who never came back from WW1 they were called the Lost Generation

You don’t need to be killed or severely wounded to have the need of charity from the forces. I was injured during my time in the Royal Air Force, although my injury is not severe, I carry my own reminder of my time in the services


My injury is only a torn tendon but it has left me disabled, and I am now relying on charity to remain independent to some degree


3 thoughts on “My legacy from the RAF

  1. Thank you for posting, Alan. Indeed, in silent parades, and somber remembrances and ceremonies, we must never cease to “celebrate” days like Remembrance Day (Veteran’s Day for us here in the US). How odd it is that the price of freedom in many of the world’s nations has been **so much blood** and the physical lives of so many men and women.

    And of the future?


    1. When I was in Canada, several years ago, I saw a Veteran’s Day parade in Lac La Biche, Alberta. It is always a moving experience for me, as the men & women get fewer each year.

      My grandfather was saved by his helmet when he got bayoneted in WW1, as for my future – I hope to get back to writing one day.


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