So, this is how my life is to be played out


Yesterday, my condition was so bad that I could only walk for 15 minutes before I needed an extended rest. Today, I can’t even do that, if I stand up, I need to have a rest because my knee joint aches so much. I should be getting a wheelchair shortly, but I am not sure if it is worth the trouble

I have fought this battle for 18 years knowing this day would arrive. I am waiting for a wheelchair bought with help from the British Legion and

So, there will be no more long walks for me 😦


6 thoughts on “So, this is how my life is to be played out

    1. I know this day would arrive, Keith. I was told years ago that I had an incurable illness – I suspect it’s Muscular Dystrophy – as I feel the muscles in my legs are becoming weaker, as if being as if they are in acid


      1. Wow! “Acid” as in a burning situation, or that feeling after one hasn’t exercised for awhile and then does vigorous exercise wherein (I’m told) that lactic acid builds up in the muscles and makes one sore and weak a day or two later?

        Also, you say that you suspect you have MD. So is that to say that doctors don’t really know what it is? Is there a medical prognosis for your condition? Sorry for so many questions, but I have been concerned about not only your physical health, but your mortality especially after reading one or two posts recently.

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      2. I am having a body scan next month until then I can’t say what is wrong; the symptoms fit MD, but it could be something else. I am a realist – not a pessimist as some friends think – years ago, I knew I had to fight this, or I’d end up in an asylum going mad.

        I cannot recall not having the “Acid feeling,” not even in my teens, and I have always been known for my hillwalking; I was asked during my days in the RAF to give talks about Orinthology as I am a bird watcher, even to this day, when I do get out.

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  1. Hill walking? Now you’ve really got my interest! I’m known around this sleepy little southern town as “that guy [I think they actually use another word] who walks all over town with those sticks in his hands. I figure (and have tried of and on again to find out) that I am one of the only—if not *the* only—man in the State of our Union who regularly, aggressively practices and trains for a yet-unfound race in the US in my chosen sport of Nordic Walking. So I am acquainted with “burn.” Tell me more about Hill Walking.

    Off to breakfast now. I’ll check back later. Have a good afternoon.

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    1. I took to walking the hills when I was in Scotland, I have a love of nature and took the time to get some walks done so I could admire the countryside around the base. It is a habit that never left


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