Who is the enigmatic Mark E. Johnson?

Mark E. Johnson, one time the darling of the social classes and now an enigma unto himself. Your view of the hero of my award-winning e-book Chronicles of Mark Johnson is a man whose life has taken him from the heights of glamor scene to the lonely world of a reclusive photographer. To get to know Mark, you’d need to read both the award-winner and its sequel Wharfemere Finale. Even then, the enigma is still not fully explained as book 2 took Mark to places no man should go, as he fought his demons in the hunt for a witch who had haunted him for years. How far would you go to rid yourself of a demon, – he crossed the line between Good and Evil – will he return from the hunt, and if so in what state will his mind be in after the ordeal?

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I wrote book two at a dark time in my life, and it gave me the creeps, and I knew what was happening. I usually have some idea where the story is heading, but I never push a story in a direction. I tried once, and the story came out in a mess, so I rewrote it the story after a break and was happy with the outcome of What happened there?

Back to MEJ, at the end of book 2, some questions remain about his persona. Not the least is what the connection between Mark and Rachel is? Were they just friends in University, or did their friendship go further? If you ask Rachel, all she says is “Ask Mark,” and if you do he will reply, “A gentleman never tells a secret.”

To my knowledge, Mark has only given one interview, and that was at the end of the first book. Since then, nobody has seen or heard from him, not even Rachel and if anyone were to know what happened it would be her, Mark and Rachel share a special bond.

It has been a long time since book 2 ended, now is the time to start on the rewrite for book 3. To get a background on what is happening, I suggest you read this section of my blog.



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